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Think its wen the team are in foreign countries, they dont be put on yahoo. Same as last year i think. Unless they have stopped it for good due to people using them all the time.

They did eventually have them on, I think it was the first week of the Asia tour that didn’t go on Yahoo. It’s not just Arsenal though, Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Manchester United all haven’t had their pics from Getty on Yahoo since some time last week. Who knows though! You could be right.

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Where are you?

I’m taking a Tumblr break. I’ll be back in a few days!

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I just logged on to see this. Wow, like oh wow. Thanks so much for following me guys, I mean it! It’s unbelievable tbh. That’s over half the people that attend my uni

JacksGap || A Film For Ella 

Tom Daley Calendar 2015 promo shots

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your tumblr is so perfect *-*

Thank you :)

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